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PRE 1837

The Port River lands were occupied for thousands of years by the Kaurna People, the lands known to the traditional custodians as Yertabulti (Yerta meaning place or land, and Bulti meaning sleep or death).


Captain Thomas Lipson takes residence in what is then named The Port Creek Settlement. Later re-named Port Adelaide.  Around 1840, Colonel Light has dubbed Port Adelaide as Port Misery. “This is Port Adelaide! Port Misery would be a better name; for nothing in any other part of the world can surpass it in every thing that is wretched and inconvenient.”


Port Adelaide Football club was founded. Originally, 6 shops were built in 1870 by David Bower. One for himself as a timber merchant and carpenter, 2 bootmakers, a painter, grocer and baker. The Bakery was Mayfair Bakery. Later in 1898, 3 more shops where built in similar fashion making the 9 as seen today. On the 4th April David Bower was elected for his first term as mayor of Port Adelaide.


In 1875, David Bower was again elected for Port Adelaide, which he represented until 18 March 1887. Bower was Commissioner of Public Works in the John Cox Bray Ministry from April to June 1884. In 1881 Mayfair for the first time, turned on their new gas lighting.


Three more shops on Mayfair’s right were built in similar fashion, to complete what is known as the Bower Buildings. In 1898 David Bower died on July 6th. 1901 The six Australian colonies signed to become a Federation, Australia. Mayfair Bakery celebrated 31 years of operation.


1914 28th July WW1 Starts. 1917 The electric tram was introduced on St Vincent St, stopping out front of Mayfair. 1919 11th November 1919 WW1 Ends. 1929 The Great Depression sweeped across the world bringing the worst economic downturn in history.


1935 The electric tram was removed from St Vincent Street, no longer stopping at Mayfair Bakery. 1939 WW2 Started September 1st. 1945 WW2 Ended September 2nd.


1953 June 2nd Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation parade took place on St Vincent St out front of Mayfair Bakery. 1958 Bert and Nita Schultz bought Mayfair Bakery from Cliff Dowling and Dowling family. 1960 Mayfair began making the first donuts in South Australia.


1960 Mayfair began making the first donuts in South Australia. 1961 Bert Schultz drowned fishing in the Murry River. Barry took over Mayfair Home Made Cakes. 1961 Mayfair opened a second shop front at 50 St Vincent Street. 1961 Mayfair’s second shop burnt down.


1961 Mayfair opened a second shop front at 50 St Vincent Street. 1961 Mayfair’s second shop burnt down. 1965 John Martin’s tried to buy Mayfair Bakery and the Bower Buildings to construct a Plaza. 1972 Containerisation came into practice in Port Adelaide. 40,000 jobs were lost in the coming years. Mayfair in 1972 lost 80% of its trade.


1974 21st Feb HMS Britannia arrived in Port Adelaide. Mayfair made Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday cake. 1973 Mayfair opened a shop front on Semaphore Road 73-89. 1989 Mayfair opened a shop front on Findon Road 89-99.


1995 Port Adelaide continued to suffer from unemployment, poor growth and a lack of investment due to the closing of its Wharfs. Mayfair Bakery continued to trade in a very unrecognizable Port Adelaide.


2014 16th April The Schultz family sold Mayfair Bakery after 57 years to the Donnelly Family. Philip Donnelly took over the baking and running of the bakery with family at age 22. Mayfair re-branded from Mayfair Homemade Cakes to Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie.


2018 19th April Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie had its first balcony renovation in 148 years. 2019 Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie Share their 150th with the Port Adelaide Football Club and the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron. Philip Donnelly cuts cake with South Australia’s 35th governor His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC.

2020-present day

2020 2nd March Mayfair took the first steps towards reducing its carbon footprint by installing solar. 2020 The worldwide coronavirus pandemic shocks the health of the globe. Mayfair Bakery celebrates 150 years. Rebrands to celebrate 150th. Launches Gluten Free Cheesecakes for sale to supermarkets.

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